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IAS can coordinate all operational activities in the Benelux and UAE for your airline – fully dedicated – as if they are your own staff.

We have an operational department with 3 staff members highly experienced in the field of loading and unloading freighter aircraft and all other cargo related matters.

IAS can provide you with full operational assistance, even if no commercial involvement is required.

IAS’ activities with operational assistance:

Supervision on the apron:

  • Supervision of warehouse handling
  • Supervision on the ramp and aircraft handling
  • Guarantee that your aircraft is handled in full compliance with your Ground Operations Manual
  • Working on on-time performance in cooperation with all parties involved
  • Issuing an aircraft handling checklist for each flight
  • Reporting any (safety) incident
  • 24/7 availability

Supervision in the warehouse on:

  • Build-up according to FBL and build-up instructions
  • Warehouse staff on behalf of your airline
  • Actual build-up according to your airline’s requirements
  • Optimization of build-up per pallet